Edinburgh Official Chinese New Year Concert

supported by The City of Edinburgh Council, Chinese Consulate in Edinburgh and Bank of China.

  Usher Hall, 7:30pm, Thursday 22 February 2018

The Asian Association of Culture, Commerce and Education in Europe presents the much-anticipated 2018 Chinese New Year Concert.

The Dog, the eleventh sign of the Chinese zodiac, symbolizes loyalty and honesty. To welcome the Year of the Dog and ensure a memorable evening, a line-up of outstanding performers has been organized and includes the winner of Riccardo Zamboni 2010 award, the tenor Han Peng, as well as soprano Lili Zhao, Guzheng virtuoso recording artist Chen Yehui, and 2014 BBC Young Musician wind instrument finalist, British-Chinese flautist Daniel Shao, with the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra. These are but some of the extraordinary highlights that will ensure a night to remember.

Early bird offer open till 15th January - Adults tickets £10 and a £30 family ticket based on 2 adult and 2 children